BandIT products, from Pro Band Sports Industries, guarantee that users will enjoy the benefits of pain relieving from its patented innovative devices which are designed to assign in the prevention and treatment of symptoms associated with Repetive Stress Injuries (RSI) of the forearm and knee. BandIT products act as gentle shock absorbers and assist in reducing pain associated with RSI such as Tendonitis, Tennis and Golf Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Symptom, etc. BandIT products include BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band, BandIT Magnetic Forearm Band, KneedIT, KneedIT Magnetic Knee Guard and Ankle BandIT.

BandIT allows normal circulation (blood flow) and, contrary to most competitive products, may be worn for long periods of time with complete comfort, unless other similar products available. The addition of stradegically placed gauss magnetic to BandIT forearm band and KneedIT gives better therapeutic effects. "Magna-Therapy", as it often is called, utilizes magnetic pads attached to appendage to enhance natural healing in the areas of the wrist, elbow, knee, and other muscle, tendon and/or ligament areas of the body.

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