Finger Inserts
Turbo 2-IN-1 Grips

- Quad Classic
- MS Quad
- Quad Soft
- Quad 2

Available in ICE, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, White & Black

Turbo Switch Grip

Introducing Switch Grip™ for Fingers!
If you have problems with your finger inserts shrinking of swelling, than Switch Grip™ finger are for you. Our new Switch Grip Finger Assemblies use the same technology and locking mechanism as our popular Thumb Assemblies. Consisting of a Removeable Inner Sleeve and Outer Sleeves that is permanently installed into each finger hole, Switch Grip™ Finger Assemblies make it a snap to change insert sizes.

Switch Grip Finger Insert
Product Features:

  • Simple 2-piece construction
  • Inner Sleeve accommodates standard finger insert 31/32 o.d.;
    NOT available for 7/8" or larger 1 1/32 o.d. finger inserts.
  • Adjust finger size quickly & easily
Tenth Frame

- Super Soft inserts

Vise Oval/Power Lift Oval

-Oval/Power Lift Oval

Thumb Plugs

Turbo 2-IN-1 Grips

- Urethane Thumb Inserts (1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8")
* Available in assorted colours.

Turbo Switch Grip

Switch Grip Thumb Insert

  • Easy to install 2 piece assembly – Outer and Inner Sleeve

  • 3 Inner Sleeves available: 1 ¼” Urethane Solid, 1 3/8” Urethane Solid, and Blank inner that can be used for custom thumb molds

  • Pre Size Inner Thumb Sleeve also available with white round Xcel thumb insert (18 sizes available)


*Available in Clear & Black colour Only